Rain Rain where are you?

It.s the monsoon season in Mumbai and is supposed to be pouring now. It should bring us respite from the terribly humid summer and let us enjoy some green sights in the over crowded city. It should throw the routine life out of balance with Mumbai local train stoppages, water clogging of areas for at least one day in the season and only then can you conclude that the monsoon has arrived in style!!

For this year the Indian Met department predicted a good monsoon. So one expects it to pour like always and create enough mayhem but nothing of this pattern is noticed till now. Most of India’s crop produce and water requirements are dependent on this south west monsoon. With an already existing drought crisis, this absence of rain is clouding my over thinking mind. And how poor monsoon affects me directly??


Being in the suburbs in the city, water shortage can be a scary phenomenon. During these times, one’s level of logical thinking, planning and optimisation is put to maximum test. One has to plan with one hour of consumable water supply how to sustain the house for two days. With space issues in this city, each apartment may have a small overhead tank inside it in which each household is expected to store as much water as possible. . In these moments even a drop of water seems to be precious and surprisingly everyone of us look out for means to use less water. Now this brings some questions to my mind.

How is it that most of us take a resource like water for granted most of the time and realise and display frugality in spending water only when there is scarcity.? Why is that we fight over water when it is scarce and don’t bother to turn off a public tap when it’s plenty. Can we not shave or brush our teeth with the tap closed unless it is needed? It should begin at home, the thought​ that water is precious and there are people around the world who would be dying of thirst. Each moment we think of this then slowly I guess we should be more responsible in water usage.

My mother is an expert in using water optimally and can at times go overboard in water saving tactics. It’s because she has gone through the trouble of raising a family in draught like situations. She saves the water sge uses for washing vegetables in a vessel and pours them back to plants in our house..

I know most of you are finding this advise on water shortage too boring but if all of us can put in a thought, not just the UN and other agencies who preach on millennium goals, then we can lead less worrisome lives.

Bringing my thoughts back to the monsoon, I have purchased new pair of rainy sandals and am wondering if that’s not going to see daylight at all. Or rain for that matter.. call it global warming or whatever you might I am not feeling good about the weather behavior. Wish like the boy in the Alchemist book, I could speak to the wind and bring rain instead of a sand storm..

As I am typing these words the sun shines brighter at me and I am knotting my eyebrows.

Hoping for rains, for the smell it brings, for the coolness it gives and most of all the memories one has during the rainy season. The games we play in the rains, the paper boats that children make outside their homes flowing them to the nearest drain,the irritation of having to close an umbrella while boarding a train amidst the crowd, the pitter patter you hear when sleeping,the dirt,evening chai, etc,etc….