Lonely musings

I have no clue about blogging but am attempting it anyways to move away from my constant boredom and channel my thoughts. Is this the reason why people blog? So that they can escape and live in a world of their own  as I am expecting it to be? How did people express themselves before the blog was invented?

Being the first post I guess I should explain in brief what this blog is going to be about!

With the flitting mind that I have it could be anything from the problems I face in a troubled marriage to a review of a song that I have heard. Born in a traditional yet open minded tam-brahm family my writing would carry the views and dilemmas one would face from such a background. It could at times sound ultra conservative or simply nomadic.

Most of my thoughts now are about the Indian matrimonial System and what lessons and hardships it offers. Only here you have every “in law” playing a more important role than the spouse itself. All these third party characters ¬†poison, poke their nose, fuel jealousy and offer free advice to any newly wed couple. Little do they know what any issue between the couple is about! Any conservative family ideals can be dreadful in present days. Mine was a marriage made to a ultra conservative Brahmin family. Now most you would ask why I chose this family. Well arranged marriage is a gamble. It all seemed good before the marriage in the courtship period and then the tables turn. I see many couples who are blissful in their old age. Wonder does such happiness come only after enduring the teething troubles of a marriage, that too an arranged one. Do these irritants give you the tolerance and patience to face life as it is?

Keeping the first post short and vague.